Bashiyra how do you feel the current Independent music scene measures up to the Major’s?

May 8, 2013

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The advancement of social and on-line media has done much to re-position the spectrum, allowing greater advancement for talented Independent artists to be heard, recognised and respected. There’s a whole new scene independently that feeds a thirst for new music and new talent, that at times has been grossly overlooked by the majors because ‘they didn’t fit a prototype of look and sound’.

Independents now have a voice bigger, than ever before, to show the listening world what they are made off. Many Major’s source their talent direct from Independent pools and even talent that is already established in a major way, is afforded greater awareness and connection to their audience, because of their observations drawn from active mainstream Independent music acts.

The Independent music scene is an international entity building in momentum all the time. It’s an exciting platform, however it really does require and deserve major financial investment on a consistent basis by visionaries, entrepreneurs and such like who have the necessary capital and of whom are willing to discover how their investment can propel this worthy plateau further.
In fact such individuals or collectives should contact me as I have some wonderful ideas coupled with an active skills set that I know will yield great returns for all concerned!

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