#1 Again!! Oh YES!!

January 24, 2014

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Heyyyyyy I have a track currently at #No1 again!! ‘ONE SHOT AT LOVE’ on ‘THE LUXURY SOUL 2014 3CD Box Collection on Expansion Records ~ The Solar Radio (UK) Sweet Rhytms Chart Jan 2014 ~ What a fantastic way to start the NEW YEAR eh!!

 Congratulations to all the other artists who are also on this great CD ~ We’re #1 !! Whooop Whooop x #2014 and it’s ON!!

Click the live link below and check out the 3CD promo


And by the album HERE!!:-


Luxury Soul 2014

And And And (Lol) you can buy my FULL EP ‘ONE SHOT AT LOVE too!!


"A Solid Quality 4 Song EP!"

“A Solid Quality 4 Song EP!”