July 8, 2013

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Gorgeous weather and wonderful people surrounded me last night (July 6th 2013) at SMOOTH GROOVES in Chigwell, Essex.
On entry I met with the very charming DJ Bigger, the host and headline DJ for the evening, who also carries a very big smile and a big heart (Smiles)
With music pumping some classic ol skool soul and the rooms abuzz with people dancing and laughing, it was indeed a great recipe for success.

The night was set at Woolston Manor Country Club on green plush acres including an outdoor pool and large sprawling rooms filled with guests from all over the country.

I was in my zone dancing away when a lady tapped me and asked “Are you Bashiyra?” I replied “Yes” and she continued “I’m coming to see you on Mon July 15th, I recognise you from your photo’s”, and she smiled warmly and finished by saying “I’m looking forward to seeing you sing”, I thanked her kindly and we both twirled away and continued dancing, with big grins to boot! That was a lovely moment 😉

July 15th 2013 is my Acoustic Pre-Album Launch (USA) and also a new EP release that will be on Expansion Records (UK) taking place at The Vortex Jazz Club, London, N16, where they’ll be a big party, and I’ll be singing live, backed by my awesome musicians and I’ll be joined by special guests.
For more info please check out my website:- and view the following promo video:- []

As I continued dancing the DJ announced Beverley Knight was in the building and would be hitting the stage shortly. I smiled as I knew Beverley was going to be awesome, having seen her perform live at The Paralympics Opening Ceremony in 2012, where we both shared a stage in our own right as performers for the London 2012 games. Beverley graced The SMOOTH GROOVES stage effortlessly and warmed her crowd with that effervescent smile she shines with so beautifully, paying homage to her fellow UK soul singers as she sung her set with the power vocals, that have rightfully earned her the prestige she owns. This is a songstress who commands respect with humility and elegance.

After the show we met backstage and she was a wealth of prettiness in both her physical presence and her heart, she hugged me warmly, asking me how it was all going with my music and that she was very proud of my representation of British soul music. She encouraged me to continue to persevere with my God given talent and affirmed that she backed me all the way! I was and continue to be so very inspired and touched by Beverley’s conviction of me, as a fellow UK soul singer and her public declaration and stand for me in such an emotionally uplifting way. Along my journey I’ve heard wonderful comments Beverley has made about my music, and so to hear it first hand in this way was magical and a moment to remember!

Beverley Knight continues to stand the test of time as a first class British soul singing sensation, but I don’t just revere her for this rightly deserved accolade. I also acknowledge her for being one of the most warmest and heart genuine spirits within music that I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Standing firm in who she is as a performer, Beverley embraced me with love and offered me words of wisdom that I shall carry as a singer and songwriter for all my creative days to come. Beverley’s inner beauty is a quality very bright, reflecting a light, for singers such as myself to walk this creative path knowing remembering that any obstacle is overcome with the right attitude and inner knowing and application of one’s true self.

This woman is simply amazing, she is stunning, and I love her as my fellow soul sistar and feel honoured to hold her respect, support and love of my music. This is what it’s all about, a circle and foundation of endorsement and loving support for a fellow creative, with integrity and gentility.
Beverley Knight is a STAR in more ways than one and I wish her the very best of all that is to come!!

Thanking and sending love to DJ Bigger, Mr Jay Prev, Cosmo and the unforgettable Beverley Knight.
With Love Bashiyra ‘The Voice 😉 x