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"Soulful, mesmerising and smooth are just a few of the words that describe her inimitable voice"


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BASHIYRA has kept busy in the music industry creating new material earmarked for a new album release in 2024 and she also has a plethora of single releases inclusive of features - Click for the new release MOUNTAIN


BASHIYRA, a notable, worthy, music world record holder and multiple award-winning vocalist and songwriter who to date, is the recipient of twenty-four (24) global music awards. She is also currently nominated for numerous Caribbean Global Awards including ‘Outstanding Musician and Educator’ at a glittering awards ceremony in September 2023


A singer, songwriter, producer, vocal coach and singing lecturer, she performs internationally with passport stamps from all continents showcasing an eclectic repertoire of music including neo-soul and jazz illustrating a timeless and classic sound.


In 2012 BASHIYRA’s creative body of work was awarded ‘The Nina Simone Award’ for her outstanding contribution in the area of jazz, an award also acknowledged and endorsed by the official legacy estate of Dr Nina Simone.


This remarkable individual has an ability to captivate, move and entertain diverse audiences. An example of this was her rousing performance at The Opening Ceremony of The London 2012 Paralympic Games and a subsequent personal thank you letter from the then UK Prime Minister David Cameron.


BASHIYRA began her career delivering backing vocals for big hitters such as Michael Bolton, Patti Labelle, and Diana Ross. She has worked with esteemed songwriters such as Crystal Johnson (Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Anthony Hamilton and Angie Stone) and Richard Rudolph (Minnie Riperton).


BASHIYRA’s prowess as a songwriter, producer and arranger has been recognised by The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, Gamble and Huff, the production duo responsible for The Sound of Philadelphia and BASHIYRA’s last album release ‘Independent’ gained Top 5 placement in The UK Soul charts in 2018 and the album project proudly secured a clothing endorsement deal with ‘Cordings of Piccadilly’, a bespoke boutique owned by rock star Eric Clapton.


In addition, BASHIYRA made cultural, national and international history on July 24th 2016 becoming the first ever crowned Ms Natural Hair UK, a natural hair and beauty pageant officially launched in Nov 2015 at The Houses of Parliament, London, UK.


Whilst BASHIYRA has kept busy in the music industry creating new material earmarked for a new album release in 2023 she also has a plethora of single releases inclusive of features. She’s also secured international modelling assignments and led on songwriter and singing briefs and workshops as a singing lecturer, vocal and voice coach as well as being cast as an actor in several TV and film productions.                


The future is bright, the future is BASHIYRA!



Creative education is paramount in allowing for balanced self alignment. We specialise in the utilisation of music and song as a vehicle to positively impact the numeracy and literacy levels of children, young people and adults.

The right mix of creativity engagement, along with a curriculum helps students of all ages, to be innovative through their interaction, giving rise to personal dexterity and a prowess to meet challenges that ultimately encourages them to learn new things. Students can evolve into good communicators in addition to improving their emotional and social skills. Creative expression undeniably plays a key role in a student’s emotional development which transcends into happier and secure citizens of the world.

The vision is led by industry professional BASHIYRA who is able able to connect you to a dedicated and current service of DBS Enhanced Creative Facilitators, incorporating vocal training, voice/public speaking and coaching, stage skill presentation and music song-writing sessions, via private one to one, small public workshops and larger multi group participation.

All sessions will involve an initial consultation to assess and acquire the need of the client/s, thereafter a comprehensive programme is created with the specific aims as agreed between The Client and The Creative Facilitator.

Easy-going singing lessons with a more relaxed approach, in addition to the above formal programming, is also

available for the non professional and semi professional child, young person and or adult who simply have a

passion to sing. All sessions are informative, fun, interactive and tailored to meet each students unique abilities.

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