The Acoustic Pre Launch ~ The Vortex Jazz Club

July 23, 2013

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The Acoustic Pre-Album Launch 'INDEPENDENT'

The Acoustic Pre-Album Launch ‘INDEPENDENT’


So Monday July 15th 2013 was my Pre-Launch for my new sophomore album INDEPENDENT (USA) and my new EP release on Expansion Records called ONE SHOT AT LOVE (UK) and what a night!!!!!



But…… before we get to the night let me give you some background information on the build-up to the Pre-Launch night and what was involved!

The theme for July 15th 2013 was acoustic based allowing for the full orchestral support when the official launch for the album takes place and the planning for that has already taken subtle shape and I can’t wait to share more of that as the process firms up!! So staying with the Pre-Launch energy, as an independent artist I am heavily involved in the creative output of my performances and my pre-launch was no different, in fact it was perhaps more intense as there were a number of angles to cover. Fortunately I had great support by way of Heaven Sent Consultancy who head my public relations, and with CEO Katrina Morris being my publicist as well (whose speciality is great events) I was also in good hands to have my pre-launch event managed from a high vision range. The little things really made all the difference like food menu cards containing my logo and information links where people could find out more info about me, to my interviews being conducted by my band members outside in the glorious sunshine with interested spectators looking on with joyous wonderment. I remember my backing singer Josie Platt commenting on camera “Wow Bashiyra, I didn’t know that!!” in such beautiful awe, in relation to a specific around my biography and who I’ve been fortunate enough to share a stage with, but for more on that visit:-

The idea of a pre-launch was born out of a personal need to let my fans and supporters know “Hey listen my sophomore album ‘INDEPENDENT‘ is definitely happening but whilst my team and I cultivate some more of the logistical sparkle to the entire project, let me give my faithful and true supporters/fans an insight musically of what to expect from this album!” Additionally in the background to this foreground was another great opportunity actually taking shape and that was to emerge during the planning process of my pre-launch event for INDEPENDENT by way of an EP release called ONE SHOT AT LOVE via Expansion Records (UK). The release is set and music lovers all over the world will have access to this new music from August 5th 2013 and I’m super excited at sharing my songs via the great production compiled by Amar Naik (Zambia/UK) with song-writing credits to myself and billboard contributor David Nathanpresently heading

Throughout the 3 month planning process I would wake and sleep Pre-Launch, Pre-Launch Pre-Launch and so to in effect, literally give birth to the project live on Monday July 15th 2013 at The Vortex Jazz Club was a huge deal for me!! Along the way were some definitive challenges that my team and I had to find the best possible solutions around and simply stay focused on the end goal. The blessings far outweighed any challenges (challenges which ultimately only set us up for more determined pro-activity anyway!!) and meeting people like UK singing sensation Beverley Knight and USA Charlie Wilson who both took the time out to listen and speak with me (ahead of July 15th) offering a wealth of supportive advice were really classic cherries on an already sugar sweet experience.

Words of wisdom also from the notable Cosmo Morgan, Jay Prev, Steve Ripley, Amar Naik, David Nathan, my publicist Katrina Morris and my right hand person the one and only Angela Reynolds (my PA) were the ‘potent wood logs’ for my fire and they all kept me inspired and focused. My band led by my MD (Musical Director) Nick Norton-Smith (on saxophone and flute) was further creative happiness as my new songs took on a beautiful life away from the sound recordings whilst actively retaining the original integrity, and with the additional magic drops of Fin Crowther on piano, Josie Platt on backing vox and Tello Morgado on percussion I was magnificently up, up and away……..

Acknowledging also the wonderful and phenomenal support of Sound Fusion Radio, FilmFeet Productions, Jenni Steele and Mary Egunyu at Whoa FM. Special shout outs also to my guest support acts Onita Boone and Xenia and thanking Solar Radio and Black Women In The Arts. I was now officially ready to sing my heart content!!!! And sing was just what I did, (9) new songs of melodic and lyrical enticement both in expression and musicality to a full packed venue of music loving recipients who travelled far and wide to be with me on my special night. The applause was rapturous, the love in the room breathtaking and the skill and talent undeniable. To quote one of my media partners Sound Fusion Radio:- “WHAT A FANTASTIC NIGHT IT WAS AS WELL. BASHIYRA DELIVERED A PERFORMANCE OF AWESOME PROPORTIONS, IN AN ACOUSTIC SETTING WITH THE AUDIENCE UP FRONT AND PERSONAL. BASHIYRA USED ‘THE VOICE’ FOR SURE, SHOWING SHE IS EVERY BIT THE RECORD BREAKER WE KNOW HER TO BE. A DEFINITE 11 OUT OF 10 FROM US AT SFR.”

David Nathan went on record to say ” Bashiyra The-Voice – brilliant show at The Vortex tonight…felt so proud that I brought you and Amar Naik together to produce great music and hearing those songs come to life on-stage was absolutely thrilling!!! Thank you Ralph Tee for supporting this project with the new EP “One Shot At Love,” coming out on Expansion Records on August 5! All my peeps, once it’s out, you gotta buy it!!! (I actually co-wrote a song on there myself)!”

The Twitter and Facebook feeds blew up with such awesome comments that I’m still glowing three days after the live show! Some examples follow:-

Kai Personal Designs ‏@KaiPD

15 Jul

When I grow up I want to sing like @BashiyraDaVoice lady you rock 🙂 in the house with @QemamuMosaics Elaine, sharon and Stevie ♥

Retweeted by Bashiyra ‘The Voice’


Kai Personal Designs ‏@KaiPD15 Jul

Fantastic night out yesterday #vortexjazzclub #beautiful vocals @BashiyraDaVoice n great company @QemamuMosaics Mondays are the new Fridays

Retweeted by Bashiyra ‘The Voice’


Sly ‏@Sly103616 Jul

Excellent set last night by @BashiyraDaVoice and #OnitaBoone #TheVortex last night! Good to see so many faces in the place @ExpansionUK

Retweeted by Bashiyra ‘The Voice’

It really was an unforgettable experience for all the right reasons and to highlight one further review from British Black Music.Com a succinct representation of the multitude of responses I’ve received since last Monday’s show, inclusive of the everyday music lover right through to influential industry professionals:-


On Monday I attended Bashiyra’s ‘Independent’ album pre-release launch. The album isn’t dropping in the UK just yet. However, she previewed some tracks, including those that have been culled for the ‘One Shot At Love’ EP dropping on Expansion Records Aug. 5.

The artist, who was supported by the impressive singer Onita Boone (with whom Bashiyra has a Universal Germany sisterly act), is a bubbly, delightful singer who really engages her audience with her singing as much as her in between song chat. She left the packed room, which included Black Women in the Arts boss Beverley Davis, manager and concert promoter Orlando Gittens, Expansion Records boss Ralph Tee and my former Billboard contributor David Nathan, on her high with her performance of ‘Independent’. Good to see real live music, mature soul, or what my former Touch journo JM used to call “connoisseur” soul!

I’ll certainly be playing something by Bashiyra on this Wednesday 12noon-2pm BBMM Radio show on, and tracks by other Brits who’ve had hits on the US charts”

So there you have it INDEPENDENT The Acoustic Pre-Album Launch (USA) and the release of a NEW EP ONE SHOT AT LOVE on Expansion Records(UK) held at The Vortex Jazz Club on Monday July 15th 2013 was a resounding success, success, SuccessDotCom!!


Love BASHIYRA ‘The Voice’ 😉 x